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Real Estate

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At LSP we have the experience and knowledge to serve our clients in all aspects of commercial and real estate law. We’ll handle everything from construction loans to sales of commercial real estate. We have worked with several clients covering every type of property, from hotels to shopping centers. No matter what your real estate needs are we've got you covered.

Business Law

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We recognize the importance of business owners protecting their assets. At LSP we guide our clients through the process of entity formation. We will work with our clients to choose an entity that best suits them. At LSP we draft, review and file all of the necessary documentation for your entity as well as make sure your entities are properly maintained and in good standing.

Corporate Law

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We advise clients in a variety of corporate related transactions at LSP. Some of these transactions include mergers, acquisitions, and joint venture transactions. In addition, LSP provides tax analysis and works with accountants and other advisors to provide complete business planning.


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With our wide array of experience and expertise we provide our clients with effective and efficient representation in New Mexico courtrooms. Our attorneys have a strong working knowledge of each step in the litigation process including dispute resolution and settlements outside of the courtroom.

Contract Law

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We represent our clients in every aspect of contract law at LSP. Well work with you to negotiate a contract that is beneficial to you, while remaining reasonable to ensure strong working relationship with all of the other parties that are involved. Well represent you through every juncture of the contracting process from start to finish.

Land Use Law

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From pre-acquisition to disposition, we represent clients in all phases of land development. LSP has a long standing presence in the community and a strong working relationship with local government. We have worked with our clients on everything from residential to industrial and commercial developments.

Water Law

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We will help our clients with all aspects of water rights. Whether it's acquiring water rights or protecting them, we've got you covered. Water is one of the most important resources in New Mexico and we understand how important it is for you. We will use our experience and knowledge to get our clients what they need.

Construction Law

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We routinely represent our clients in negotiating and drafting residential and commercial construction contracts. LSP provides analysis and advice on relevant issues such as indemnity provisions and insurance requirements. We will cover you all of the way, we’re not happy until you're happy.

Wills, Probate, & Estate Law

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At LSP we offer our clients expertise and guidance when drafting wills, writing living wills, and with trusts and powers of attorney. We work with you to create an effective tool to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance of your wishes in the most efficient and problem free manner possible.

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